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Handcrafters of Aromas

Welcome to MIQUEL F. Artisan Cooperage and our atypical world of barrel making.

Our story began 10 years ago with the beginning of a new stage in my life.


Drawing upon my experience as a sommelier and after having learned about the unique world of cooperage, a chance meeting gave me the opportunity to take up a new challenge.


At the time, this seemed a natural choice for me: to follow my convictions and craft my own barrels.

Francis MIQUEL, Founder

Barriques Francis M_004_edited.jpg

From sommelier to cooperage



First assessment after 15 years as a sommelier

After 15 years spent as a sommelier at André Daguin (two macaroons in the Michelin Guide), I decided to go on my own as a consultant in order to assess the different batches of wines, plan the assemblies and give consistency in the positioning of the vintages.



Great change !

A pivotal year, it was at this time that I joined the cooperage world to develop sales for a well-known brand.

Our Ranges

Blend B

The Original

This range is the fruit of very carefully made choices coupled with our extensive know-how.

It’s a testament to all the technical decisions we took to meet two fundamental criteria: to ensure the barrel always serves to enhance the wine, and its quality is reproducible from one year to the next.


Best Seller

This barrel was discovered during our research into the maturation of white wines. It naturally followed on from and complemented the Assemblage B.


Finding the right balance for this profile change required a different approach. I ended up having to increase the toasting time for much longer than expected.

Ultimate Edition 569

Tribute to Django

This range is particularly dear to my heart since it’s a testament to our desire to go beyond established conventions. It’s actually a nod to one of my passions, Gypsy Jazz, especially its mythical guitar. The guitar was designed in such a way that each note and vibration it produces is pure and intense.

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