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Ultimate Edition

Tribute to Django

This range is particularly dear to my heart since it’s a testament to our desire to go beyond established conventions. It’s actually a nod to one of my passions, Gypsy Jazz, especially its mythical guitar. The guitar was designed in such a way that each note and vibration it produces is pure and intense.


In 2017, we had the privilege of acquiring one such guitar, which we had professionally restored by a leading French instrument maker. We now gladly lend it to experienced guitarists so that the spirit of 1930s & 40s swing can continue to resonate.


The guitar is numbered 569, which for us is highly symbolic. So it’s no surprise then that it was the inspiration for our brand new range, which comes in two lines: the Series 569 and the Selmer 569.


For many years, we have been listening to the needs of our most demanding wine-producing customers. They wanted to see full respect being shown in product life cycles. So we changed how we conceive the barrel making profession, adopting a more holistic approach.

This is a limited series with extensive possibilities. At each stage of its development, we worked to make sure that full respect was shown to the people, seasons and places of origin. This barrel truly embodies the harmony of wine and wood!


The Edition Spéciale 569 is the result of a constant pursuit for balance between the energies of nature, the permeating authenticity of local terroirs, and the subtle interplay of sunshine and flame. Like a jazz song, it’s a genuine symphony that combines purity, rhythm and sincerity to create even more enjoyment and emotion.




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